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Tolerance and Religion

Synthesis and simplification

This project is done at SCAD. Co-owners: Changran Du, Revati Damle & Yehui Wang

This project is divided into 3 parts. It uses different methods of research to come up with the right solution. The topic 'Tolerance' remains the same across all methods.

The first method is synthesis and simplification.


Project Statement: Synthesis is a logical choice for starting the audience on a path or raising awareness. Research on the problem of tolerance. Use the process of synthesis and simplification. Conduct affinity mapping to find the cluster where the problem is and then further narrow down to one concrete issue. Design one piece around the concrete issue which tells/educates/raises the awareness about tolerance. Logically make the design choice that delivers the exact message in the right way to the right audience. Based on the audience choose the form and format, typeface, and color palette. 

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