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YES! I am a dog lover! I can go on and on about this but let's get to business.


I'm a graphic designer born and brought up in Mumbai, India, but now based in Atlanta. An  MFA Graphic Design Savannah College of Art and Design Atlanta Alumni with SCAD Academic Honors Graduate Scholarship and SCAD Achievement Honor Scholarship. 

After my undergraduate course, I worked for almost two years at Pidilite Industries Ltd.

(A well-respected and popular company in India). I worked on various print publications, exhibition design, packaging design, brochures, leaflets, and more. 

I am a detailed oriented person with my strengths in typography, layout design, print publications, user interface design, and research. I am always up for new challenges and trying new styles. I believe patience and perseverance are crucial. Based on research, I do my best for what suits the brand and the target audience and accordingly develop something unique for the client. I also strongly believe in culture and design. 

P.S. I work the best when I am bored. 


What do I do for fun?

I am a trained Indian classical dancer. I have learned Kathak (an Indian classical dance form) for 12 years. It has profoundly helped me connect to my cultural roots and understand how my passion for Kathak is highly related to graphic design. The work Kathak means to tell a story. In graphic design, we use user persona, typography, photography, layouts, and more to tell a story and in Kathak, we use hand gestures, facial expressions, and bells to communicate with our audience. Kathak has always been my stress-buster avenue; and has helped me express and believe in myself. 

Note: I am REALLY good at Kathak, and if you reach out would love to share a glimpse of it :)

I love food, traveling, and of course, spending time with dogs! I am not fond of outdoor activities like hiking and sports.

Let's get in touch!

I would love to have a discussion about design, my work, how I can help you and your brand as a graphic designer or even love feedback on my portfolio. I am also always up for casual conversations or talking about dogs or food! 

You can reach out to me at                  

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