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Bravo network Identity

This project was done at SCAD for educational purposes only


We had to create a network identity for a brand and also an on-air promo promoting a show on that network. I decided to go with Bravo. Bravo has star-studded shows with prominent personalities. The shows are amongst the best in food, fashion, beauty, and pop culture. The network's demographic is 18-54 years, and most viewers are female. Based on the demographics, the popular shows on Bravo are unscripted reality shows, and with reality shows comes drama, gossip, and strong opinions that increase the viewer's interest and curiosity. This network identity concept reflects on drama through bold, fun, and creative typography, language, and pop art-inspired colors with support of creative shapes, video clips, and images. Just like Bravo's shows, this concept brings vibrant personality and style to the brand! 

The on-air promo promotes The Real Housewives of New Jersey Show.

Video clips: Bravo channel Youtube

Bravo network Identity

On-Air Promo

Fun with Shapes

This project was done at SCAD for educational purposes o


The Project was to play around with basic shapes and come up with interesting animations