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Impulsive Shopping

Artistic Data Visualization

This project is done at SCAD.

This whole project was divided into two parts. We had to select a topic of our choice, conduct research, and design artistic and journalistic data visualization. The second part was to design artistic data visualization and use the appropriate media. My topic was impulsive shopping as it is one of the most common practices.

‘An experience with implications’ 

In this concept, I wanted to attract people and trick people into thinking that the products are 70%, 80%, etc off. But when the come close they can read the statistics, for instance, ‘ 70% of Impulse buys lead to guilt.’ The hands are decorative pieces for attraction as well as to depict people picking products on impulse. The background will have small typography of statistics as well as impacts of impulse shopping which people can read when the come close to the artwork. They can then scan the QR code to know how to save money and what questions to ask before impulsive shopping.

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